Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wentz confuses 'lookalike', 'self', 'movie', 'real life'

Apparently, Pete Wentz has taken great offence at Tobey Maguire looking a bit like him in the the new SpiderMan movie, Spiderman III: Money For Old Mope.

It seems the trouble is that when Peter Parker paints a picture of pooped-out pecker, he looks a little bit like Pete Wentz. This is only to be expected, since Wentz is a pretty boy who dresses up like he's a fifteen year-old whose family don't understand him, which is probably exactly the stage direction in the Spidey script.

Wentz, though, bless him, isn't the stickiest of webs, and seems to think this is all some sort of elaborate pop at him:

Wentz hasn’t seen the movie yet, but he’s still bemused at the news that a mega- grossing superhero franchise may have stolen his identity. “My nephew, who doesn’t know anything at all, says I was in a movie.” Pete tells Rolling Stone. “I was like, ‘All right…’ I’ve heard about this from so many people.’” And on Tuesday night, right after our conversation, Wentz went onstage in Moline, Illinois, and shouted “Spider-Man 3 sucks."

Let's hope Wentz never finds himself under the oak tree in Milton Keynes mall - he's going to think he's been cloned or something.


Anonymous said...

Even if they had modelled the character on him - it's not technically identity theft, is it?

Anonymous said...

I would love to be described my knobhead of an uncle as someone "who doesn’t know anything at all".

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