Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Yoko Ono has a slice of dog

Yoko Ono has reportedly enjoyed a freshly cooked slice of corgi, apparently as the other menu option was a pair of Linda McCartney's cutlets. Oh, actually, it was as a guest of Mark McGowan, who was eating the dog as part of a protest against the royal family. It's not sure what Ono's motivation was - surely she can't have anything against people who get incredibly rich as a result of a wise marriage or an accident of birth, can she?

McGowan's dog wasn't specially killed for the event, but had died at a corgi breeding farm; there's no actual law against eating dogs which happen to be dead already. The motivation was ill-treatment of a fox killed on the Queen's land; it's not yet known when he intends to take the next step and eat Otis Ferry.

[UPDATE: Despite TMZ's assurances that Ono was present at the dog-eating, it turns out that she wasn't anywhere near the corgi-eating; she was in Moscow at the time. Source: The Guardian]


Anonymous said...

Is this the same chap who pushed a bean with his nose, left a car running and various other tiresome stunts designed to 'raise awareness', which seem to do little more than provide the Daily Mail with their monthly "PAH! Look what passes for 'Art' now!" story?

Can't someone just give him the Celebrity Big Brother appearance and get it over with?

Anonymous said...

It wasn't slices but meatballs which were (apparently) "disgusting".

In a protest against Tony Blair's education policies, the same chap will now make love to Hazel Blears. Or something.

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