Thursday, June 07, 2007

Akon: There must have been a phantom fan-flinger

Despite having been caught on numerous mobilephones tossing a boy off into the crowd, Akon's people say it never happened:

"Given the information that we have reviewed to date, it does not appear to us that Akon was involved in any criminal conduct whatsoever," read a statement from Akon's attorney, Benjamin Brafman. "We are prepared to fully cooperate with any law enforcement agency that may be investigating this incident. We are confident that after a thorough investigation it will be apparent that no criminal prosecution of Akon is warranted."

The boy was dragged out of the audience by security because Akon believed he'd thrown something at the stage - a small piece of pretzel, apparently. It might not sound much, but remember it was a small piece of pretzel which left George W Bush look like he'd got pissed and fallen over, hard, into a table that time.

According to MTV:
As the fan was brought to the stage, Akon removed his shirt and chain and then grabbed the boy, tossed him over his shoulder and threw him into the crowd, saying, "Now we can start the show, ya'll ready." A moment later, Akon looked down at the crowd and said, "He's OK, he's all right," then shortly later chastised the audience for a perceived lack of support. "See, now you got me feeling by myself," he said in the cell phone video footage. "I thought I had fans and support."

Still, the fifteen year old kid might have got off lightly. If he'd been a girl, Akon would probably have dry-humped him.


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