Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Basement will rise again

... actually, hang on a moment, it's a basement, so presumably it will sink again? Anyway, The Basement, Manchester's community hub-cum-social centre-cum-cafe, was recently a casualty in the big Northern Quarter fire, so its team are engaged in a process of rebuilding.

As part of the work, there's to be a benefit gig on July 22nd featuring the best in Americana and alt country. The location is still to be announced, but keeping an eye on the The Basement's rebuild website is probably the best bet to keep up-to-date.

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morag said...

ooooh.... superswift response there simon, thanks.... it's gonna be great....

The basement website is a bit wobbly at the moment (actually that's a lie, i just cant get it to work) so its best to check these: or

much glittery love to you and your beautiful wife even if you never return my phone calls any more

m xx

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