Thursday, June 21, 2007

We don't know how pop stars suffer

Keith Allen's daughter's dad is helpfully undermining her by admitting that she's finding it a bit of a slog, reports ConnectMusic:

Keith admits the singer is struggling in America on her own - and insists the public aren't aware how tough being a top pop star really is. He says, "She's completely exhausted."

"It's really hard, that fucking industry. People don't realise how fucking mind-numbing it is."

A group of early morning shift hotel cleaners, moved to hear of poor Lily's mind-numbingly hard life, have offered to have a whip-round to buy a small gift to cheer Lily up: "Of course, it is rather small, but then we only earn £19 a day for cleaning up shit, puke and other bodily smearings from hotel bathrooms, and we might have got some blood on the bow as we wrapped it up, what with our hands being chapped because of not having time to put on gloves before we clean the toilets with abrasive chemicals as that would slow us down and cut our piece-rate earnings even further, but we really wanted to show that, as we crawl out of bed at four in the morning to go and mop up the misdirected piss of drunk businessmen, we can't begin to imagine how really hard singing some songs and having to do interviews from time to time can be."