Friday, June 08, 2007

The final curtain

There's good news and there's bad news: Simon Cowell has pledged to make no more 'musical casting' shows after Grease Is The Word (has that finished yet?)

The bad news, though, that he's stopping doing them because they're too similar to his cash cow X Factor. And, although insert name of country here's Got Talent would seem to also be the X Factor, just with a couple of jugglers, he's still pushing that one for all its worth.

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James said...

From the article: “We shouldn’t try to beat the BBC on those types of shows and they shouldn’t try to beat us with variety shows."

The BBC shouldn't try to beat ITV with variety shows? What, a string of acts performing for a panel of tough judges? According to
this site, the BBC introduced the country to Opportunity Knocks in 1949 (before ITV picked it up seven years later), so they've got a good 58 years on Cowell's mob.

Still, must be a good boost for the Grease contestants in tomorrow night's final, hearing the man who created the show admitting it's been a disaster.

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