Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Has Victoria Newton ever been to a festival?

This morning, she suggests:

ONLY PETE DOHERTY and KATE MOSS could go to a festival and miss most of the acts.

With the food, and fairgrounds, and sponsor's displays and all the other distractions - to say nothing of, for the likes of Pete and Kate, the attractions of the backstage tents - surely nobody sees "most" of the acts any more?


Thom Cuell said...

After seeing the line-up, I'd be surprised if anyone going to Glastonbury this year saw ANY of the acts

mat said...

If the festival had more than two stages - as most do - it would actually be impossible to see most of the acts. Even with only two stages, you'd still have your work cut out.

Anonymous said...

Music festivals haven't been about acts in years. Tickets selling out before line-ups are even announced pretty much says it all.

ian said...

Surely it's physically impossible to see "Most" of the acts. Unless Victoria can be in two places at once, which, frankly, scares me.

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