Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hedgehoppers anonymous

Apparently, Amy Winehouse took her frustrations at the reaction she got from the MTV Movie Awards audience by pushing Blake Fielder-Civil into a hedge, yelling:

"You always fucking do this! Don't fucking touch me! Fuck you!"

It's unknown if this row was sold to a glossy magazine for quarter of a million quid.

The poor reaction was perhaps down to what Grown And Sassie calls "the best part" - viz. "you can tell that she don't give a shit about the crowd". Oh, yes. That always guarantees great interaction between artist and audience.


Anonymous said...

Ok so when i read this post i said to myself:"maybe you watched a different MTV movie awards" so i went to mtv.com and checked Winehouse's performance and the reaction of the crowd...WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?The reaction of the crowd was AMAZING!So i'm guessing/asking the other part of the post is false as well?

simon h b said...

Evidently we did watch two separate performances. I imaging it won't be on YouTube much longer, as Viacom has that little difficulty with Google, but at the moment, you can watch the performance here:

Winehouse looks bored throughout; I'm not quite sure how you could describe the "reaction of the crowd" as "amazing" since most of the time they're in the dark, the few reaction shots show polite smiles, normally a beat or two behind the camera cutting to them (i.e. they're smiling because they're seeing themselves on the big screen and think they should be enjoying themselves) and whatever the crowd reaction was at the end, it was swamped with canned applause over the top - but, clearly, Amy wasn't acknowledging a standing ovation.

The post, by the way, is a commentary on something in today's UK tabloids, and I can assure you that the story really does appear in today's Daily Mirror. I think what you mean is that that story is false, which there always is a possibility of - as we say time after time, the UK tabs gossip columnists are incredibly unreliable.

Anonymous said...

Hi,it's me again...i admit i used the word AMAZING to make a point that it was not what's it's described on the post,but it was very good!I heard a lot of cheering the MOMENT she finished singing the song so i don't think there was any attempt to cover anything with canned applauses(if it means what i think it means-you used it on your post,so i apologize if i'm using it the wrong way).I saw that a lot of people were moving their heads,saying"no no no" during the performance which by the way i liked.It was far from her best performance but still very good...i don't think she looked bored,i think she sometimes uses that "i'm shy-a little lost in my thoughts-"attitude in a very charming way though(at least for me).I heard these words referred to her from many people:"bewitching,mesmerizing" and for me it works...i don't expect her to make me stand on my feet and start dancing like crazy.Anyways i loved her performance-you hated her performance i just don't think there was any "booing"involved like the Daily Mirror reports(i knew it was a story from the uk tabloids which is probably why i am having difficulties believing it:)Peace!

karlt said...

For months now, I've been trying to remember what Amy Winehouse's dancing reminds me of. I've finally worked it out...


simon h b said...

Yes, anonymous - you heard a lot of cheering the moment she finished, because an MTV production guy had his hand over a fader which faded up the sound effect of audience reaction. The crowd noise was canned - MTV have a record of using taped "reaction" to make their programmes seem more lively; they even did it with Unplugged, creating an ironic situation where the music was acoustic, but the audience weren't.

I suspect the booing, at the very least, might have been an invention of the 3AM Girls, but... no, the slightly embarrassed mumbling along with the chorus of audience members catching sight of themselves on the big screen had the same sort of awkwardness exhibited by people dragged on stage by a second-rate hypnotists at second-string holiday camps.

To be fair to Winehouse, I don't think she really should have booked for the event in the first place - if anyone deserves to be pushed into a hedge, it was the manager who agreed to her turning up in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Hi simon h b,guess who?:)On youtube there is a video of the performance taken from some guy in the crowd...check it out if you want,there is actual cheering and there is no booing.I'm sure what you say about mtv using taped reaction in general can also be true,just not in this case imo.

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