Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Morrissey's throat wrung by David Letterman

Morrissey, poor lamb, had to abandon a show at the Boston Bank of America Pavilion because the day before taping Letterman had pushed him over the edge:

"We recorded the David Letterman show last night in a studio that was 30 degrees below zero," Morrissey explained from the stage. "Twenty-nine degrees below I can take, but 30 below was too much and unfortunately it will not just be the emotions cracking tonight but my voice as well."

He managed a few songs, and even took his shirt off at one point (he's going to catch his death) before he disappeared off and never returned. Morrissey's people says that the date will be tried again after he's had some honey and lemon; the promoter seems to be tight-lipped so far.