Thursday, June 14, 2007

Moss arranges for Ross

We suspect there might be a degree - at least a degree - of speculation in Victoria Newton's report of the list of topics Pete Doherty's not allowed to mention when he goes on Jonathan Ross this week - after all, "don't make a holy show of me" is probably uttered every time he pulls on his Hofmeister Bear hat and heads for the door. But Newton is able to include a detail which shows the quality of her information:

My source added: “Jonathan was a huge LIBERTINES fan and helped break them on his Radio 2 Saturday show.

“He played their records when they were relatively unknown. Pete’s going to play an acoustic song off the new album as well.”

Now, that's the sort of thing that only an insider, or perhaps someone who listens to Jonathan Ross on the radio and is able to extrapolate from 'Doherty appearing without the rest of Babyshambles' that he must be doing an acoustic number. An insider indeed.


duckie said...

Useless Newton can't even get that right. Before I got bored of Wossy I used to listen and clearly remember his producer (who picks most of the records anyway) first bringing in the first Libs album, which did indeed get Jonathan very excited, and he then kept playing it. But as he admitted at the time, he'd never heard of them before, and this was a mere month or two before the second album came out. So yes, they were "relatively unknown" to Sun readers but old news to NME readers or anyone who can read the top 30 single or album charts.

Spodo said...

She really is useless that Newton one, eh?

You can see more of her mishaps at

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