Monday, June 11, 2007

Moss side

It's probably unwise to condemn someone on the basis of a quote in Victoria Newton's Bizarre column, especially when it's been filtered through from the Isle of Wight festival. So let's hope that Kate Moss didn't really respond to Blake Fielder-Civil's goading about Pete Doherty by calling him "a fucking queer":

An onlooker said: “Kate went mental. Blake asked where her boyfriend was and she sneered ‘Gone for a p*ss, you fucking queer’.

“Kate shouted to her security guard, ‘Get him out the way’, and he was thrown out.”

Surely someone who works in the fashion industry wouldn't be tossing "queer" about as an insult, would she?


Franco said...

I'm expecting Moyles and Clarkson to jump in here with "she only meant queer as in homosexual, not strange or funny."

Anonymous said...

i love how the 'piss' is bleeped out but not the 'fucking' or 'queer'!

Anonymous said...

Surely someone who dates Pete Doherty wouldn't be tossing "queer" about as an insult, would she?

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