Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Muse unimpressed by George Michael

Not that they're annoyed at George Michael having nipped in ahead of them to claim the first gig at the New Wembley title, or anything. Oh, no, that would be petty:

Drummer Dom Howard said, "George Michael doing Wembley is a joke. Who cares? Our show is going to be massive, it's the pinnacle."

However, he did add that he was more than a little nervous about playing the show. "I've been very cocky about it behind closed doors," he said. "but I've been shitting myself about it as well."

At least you've got a job where you can keep sitting down and always face the audience, Dom.


shirali said...

I'm sorry but MUSE fuckin ROCK. and george michael might be a veteran of music or whatever, but MUSE are right when they say this. they are going to BLOW THE STADIUM TO PIECES!! I've seen them live and trust me, they can do that.

simon h b said...

I hope they don't blow the stadium to pieces. it took bloody long enough to build in the first place.

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