Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Courtney hires some help

Cast your eyes over the details of Courtney Love's new band:

"I really hired [one member] 'cos he looks so much like Kurt. It's weird, and he can play really well. He didn't kill me but he swore if I gave him a week he'd learn everything. He's blonde and soooooooo beautiful and his guitar playing is great."

"The other is a guy from band called Larrakin Love [sic] [Micko, to be precise]. His guitar playing blew me away because it's just so fucking MODERN. Its' Jonny Greenwood and Jack White and now and he's not stuck in any nineties rut."

There's something slightly disturbing about hiring a bloke who isn't very good but does have an uncanny resemblance to your husband when he still had a face; and, equally, someone thinking that Radiohead and the White Stripes represent some sort of bleedingly perpetual now sound. We'd suggest she gets out a little more, but - having seen where that can get us - maybe best not to, eh?

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WE ARE said...

Would that be the Nineties that her dead husband had a huge part in soundtracking & therefore funding her current lifestyle?

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