Saturday, June 16, 2007

Queen Joss

Because they've been talking on the phone, The Daily Mirror is already starting to manufacture the Joss Stone and Prince William engagement plates to sell to David Byrne:

The pair have spoken on a number of occasions about the Wembley Stadium concert - on what would have been Di's 46th birthday - and have since struck up a close friendship.

A pal of Joss said: "She thinks he's gorgeous and is incredibly flattered."

Wills, who broke up with Kate Middleton, 24, in April and Joss are both single.

Apparently, Joss is going to cover all of Diana's favourite artists at the big concert next month:
Joss, who is No2 in the album charts, has told close pals that the show will be one of the highlights of her career.

She said: "I loved Diana and all that she stood for - it really is a pleasure to be involved and help out Will."

Interesting use of the past tense there, which implies that Joss is claiming that she "loved all Diana stood for" while the woman was still alive. Since Stone was ten when Diana failed to buckle up properly, that means Stone must have been a hell of a precocious child.

And does Stone really love all that Diana stood for? Since Stone was so upset by Beau Dozier's kiss-and-sell story on their relationship, can she really applaud the biggest kiss-and-tell of the 20th Century which was Diana's Panorama, for example?

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Anonymous said...

Since WHEN is Stone #2 in album charts???
The story with William cracks me up,cos the press in past have said he was calling Britney,then it was Beyonce,and now Stone!!
Stone recently said that naughty Harry was the gorgeous one,and William is too tame for her..but hey,at least Harry would have someone to smoke weed with then!! after all,Stone is fond on the weed!!
The queen might wanna hide the family jewels tho,I mean Stone does have a convicted armed robbing brother!!
One thing tho,William isnt a black record producer..Stone's fav!!
They dont call her willfucka for nothing

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