Saturday, June 16, 2007

There are two sides to every story

Perez Hilton reckons Lily Allen turned up late and drunk for her most recent New York gig:

Starting things off wrong - the Smile singer took to the stage nearly two hours late.

"I didn't even wait this long for Justin Timberlake," griped one angry concertgoer.

And when she finally did get up for the horse and pony show, Lily was unprepared, unprofessional and ungrateful!

"She was so drunk that she forgot the words to several of her songs," one spywitness tells us. "She needed lyrics sheets to get her through the night."

Lily Allen, though, reckons on her blog that she wasn't:
This is all bullshit . doors opened at 6.45 on monday and I had two support acts . Anyone who thought i was going on earlier , im sorry you were missinformed . I would never turn up two hours late for a gig .......EVER . id been in my dressing room since four o'clock that afternoon anyway its not as if id leave 3000 people out there for no reason . I did apologise to everyone for forgetting my words on " not big " , and I also explained that it was a psychological thing that happens to me on stage . I guess its like premature ejaculation , the second you start thinking about it the second it all goes wrong . I actually thought it was a really good gig and really enjoyed myself . I did not get drunk but your right i did smoke a ciggarette on stage , and for that i should have apologised . After the gig i went to the "spotted pig" with my friends and various members of my family , it was really busy so a few of us left and went to the beatrice inn , this nonsense about josh hartnett is exactly that . nonsense

Apparently, Allen is going to blog less on MySpace now because it was only ever a promotional tool in the first place ("it isn't fun any more"):
The thing is , im not going to write here so often now . this used to be one of my favourite things to do . I could come on here and vent how i feel honestly and get feedback from you guys . But the tabloid fucks have ruined it . Everything i write here gets twisted and rewritten buy a bunch of lazy fucks who havent got anything better to write about . And the truth is I don't want to be in their fucking stupid magazines and daily fuck rags . Infact I hate it , i dont want to be a celebrity , I am a singer , I write songs , thats it . I don't sleep and take drugs with famous people( i have a boyfriend ive been with for nearly 3 years ) , I don't go to film premieres . I don't go shopping in the paparazzi hotspots , so please leave me alone . Write about something interesting , and that actually needs to be alked about . I don't want to live in a world where the most interesting thing is Paris Hilton and " how shes doing in jail " . Why do we care , seriously ? Guys the world is MELTING , we are KILLING innocent people , so we can steal their oil , killing them. 400000 people are dead and 2.5 million have no home in Darfur .............. but then again Lindsay did work out at the gym this afternoon and thats what really counts .

Because, of course, Allen is known for her political activism. It's curious why a woman who is happy to trade fame for large cheques from New Look, say, to promote some tshirts simultaneously maintains that she doesn't want to be in the magazines to which she grants interviews to promote said tshirts. It's one thing to avoid fame, it's quite another to play the celebrity press to sell your product and then complain about being in the press.

But maybe we're being unfair. Perhaps Now magazine keeps cutting out all the parts of the interview when Lily Allen suggests the solution for the Darfur crisis.