Tuesday, June 12, 2007

There are leaks, and there is The Leak

Last week, a DJ came across a copy of the new White Stripes album, and was rewarded with a screeching phone call from Jack White accusing her of being what's wrong with modern music. Playing the album on the radio in full offered people the chance to record the whole thing and meant they wouldn't want to buy the CD when it's in the shops.

This week, MTV's website is streaming the whole album on The Leak page. Playing the album on the net in full offers people the chance to fall in love with the whole thing and means they'll rush to buy the CD when it's in the shops.


karlt said...

In what must count as the shittiest deal known to mankind, 99 dollars gets you the album on a couple of USB thumb drives shaped like, well, the band. Allegedly.


Anonymous said...

it's shit anyway

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