Monday, June 04, 2007

Victoria Newton's comeback comeback

Victoria Newton has somehow managed to discern the shape of a Spice Girls comeback by looking at the various Spice-ettes accounts and then slapping it on top of a standard, unsourced story:

My source said: “Obviously the girls aren’t doing too badly as things stand, but the money won’t last for ever and some of them need to cash in while they still can.

“All of them have agreed to do it — they are just waiting for the deals to be sorted around the world.

“SIMON FULLER is masterminding the comeback and they have even hired a top publicist to help them.

“They want it to be massive — bigger than Take That.

“The Spice Girls were huge worldwide and they want the reunion to reflect that.

“But it is fair to say some of them need it rather more than others.”

But what of Victoria's definitive assertion last year:
AT last some good news on the SPICE GIRLS reunion tour — it’s not going to happen.

I can reveal that MEL C and VICTORIA BECKHAM have seen sense and realised it is a bad idea.

Indeed, Victoria N seems very excited this morning about something last year she described as a "cringeworthy" idea.

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