Friday, June 22, 2007

You hope that Amanda Hugginkiss enters

In a bid to promote their new album, Hanson have come up with a corker of competition: they'll write a special song for the winner:

As part of the special album presale promotion, on Friday June 22 the band is launching a contest offering fans the chance to be the lucky winner of a personalized song written especially about them by Hanson. The contest rewards fans for their efforts in helping drive traffic to the band’s website by placing customized banner ads, click-throughs and links that result in the most hits. A download of the song will be given away for free to anyone who enters.

Of course, it means that Hanson are going to be stuck writing a song about the sort of person who still likes Hanson in 2007, which means the chances are that they're going to be looking for a rhyme for "still live with your parents even though you're nearing menopause".

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karlt said...

Maybe they've already written a song called, oh, I don't know, "Dave", and they'll pick someone called Dave as the winner of the competition. Nah. That would be cynical and naughty.

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