Sunday, July 15, 2007

Acrimonious divorce... on holiday?

The somewhat two-dimensional coverage of the McCartney-Mills divorce in the press is struggling to cope with the suggestion that, erm, the pair are going to go on holiday together with their kid. The News of the World tries to imply McCartney must be out of his head by the least-subtle means ever:

A source close to Paul, 65—whose classic Beatles hits include Fool on the Hill, We Can Work It Out and Help!—said: "Incredible as it may seem the idea looks like a goer.

I suppose it's lucky that The Beatles never included the track "Fucking hell, you old twat, the one-legged woman is evil" on Revolver.

Then the paper goes a step further:
Multi-millionaire Paul has told aides he's willing to give Heather a chance, despite her branding him a booze-fuelled, drug-taking wife-beater.

Our source added: "That was last year. Macca's on a high now—all his troubles seem so far away."

The source said that, did he? You've got a source who delivers his leaks in Beatles couplets, do you?

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