Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Akon: The parents virtually forced me to dry-hump underage girl

Clearly, Akon has tired of people mentioning that time he dry-humped the underage girl onstage at one of his gigs, and has started looking round for someone else to blame.

He could have gone with his penis, of course, but he's got a soft spot for that, so instead, he's chosen to blame the parents of the underage girl he dry-humped:

"It was an unfortunate situation, more of a misunderstanding more than anything. "You can't blame me for a young girl sneaking into the club. Why is her dad letting her out at that time of the night? That's not my responsibility, so I didn't really let it affect the way I was moving around."

Aha. That's alright then. He can't be expected to know he's dry-humping an underage girl, can he? Just because the girl is in front of him, and clearly underage, he can't be expected to realise the girl he's dry-humping is underage, can he? It's not like he's sentinent or anything. Indeed, it's clearly the fault of the underage girl he was dry-humping for not having been born earlier.

It's not like you can expect Akon to take responsibility for his actions, is it?

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James said...

Is it me, or does Akon only just manage to stop himself from turning into a stereotypical 1980s High-court judge, harumphing "If you ask me, the young hussy was asking for it, going out at night dressed like that, acting like a harlot, being under-aged... Tell me again, what is a 'video recorder'?"

If Littlejohn's got some annual leave booked next month, it sounds like the Mail could have his stand-in ready and waiting.

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