Monday, July 09, 2007

Beyonce fans burned

More pyrotechnic trouble from US gigs: Beyonce's show-opening fireworks fell into the audience at St Louis, sending two fans to hospital. In a bid to head off liability lawsuits ("in a gesture of concern") Beyonce spent forty-five minutes visiting them while they received treatment, repors E!.


Tim Footman said...

I think they should be entitled to fondle the legendary Knowles booty. One cheek each.

James said...

There's a Viz cartoon in that somewhere...

Beyonce: "Here you go, lads. I never usually allow it, but you can each have one free squeeze of me arse"
Victims: "Wahey!"
*both look down at badly-charred and bandaged hands*
"Aw, f***ing rats cocks"

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