Monday, July 09, 2007

Labels finally crack unrippable CD

After all this time, Reprise have finally come up with a review CD which simply can't be ripped by journalists. Or anyone else.

The downside is it's totally unplayable:

So in the 11 years or so that I've been writing, I've seldom had problems with Copy Protected CDs. Even in the wake of the new Watermarking system that labels have put in place, I've found ways around them so I could begin to listen to the discs for review. About a week and a half ago, I received a promo of the new Eisley album, "Combinations," which was watermarked. I didn't really see this as a problem since my promo copy of their debut, "Room Noises," was also watermarked and I was actually able to upload the batch onto my iTunes.

This morning, I decided to listen to "Combinations," so I brought in my archaic portable CD player, just in case it didn't work on my computer (it didn't). And guess what? The stupid CD doesn't play in that either. As you may have seen in a previous post, watermarked discs also don't play in DVD players and car audio systems. So I ask you, Reprise/Warner Brothers, "Where am I supposed to listen to this CD that you want me to review?"

If we were Chasing Coolness, we'd not have admitted ripping the last album - doubtless Reprise will be down to cut out the piece of his mind where he stores the memory of listening to it.