Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Coral also don't trust these carphone things, either

What are the Coral, like 75 years old or something? Lee Southall doesn't hold with all this internet malarkey:

"I don’t use it the internet, seriously! But the other lads in the bands do and they can get some good things off it and get your downloaded. It’s good if you want to use it in that way.

”It’s a magical thing when you go and buy and album, you get the album and you get the artwork and that. If people are just downloading it, then the magic’s lost.

“I hope it doesn’t turn into like, you go into a record shop and there’s no CDs, you’ve got to download it onto your iPod. That would piss me off."

In related news, Wagon Wheels are getting smaller.


Anonymous said...

They'll save a fortune on their next tour. No need to print up expensive t-shirts for the merch stall, just sell us onions to hang on our belts.

It was the style at the time.

M.C. Glammer said...

I can kind of see his point: when you've invested time and effort into buying a CD from a shop you do tend to give it a bit more of a loving interest than if you've downloaded something for nothing. And after 15 years of being online I can't say it's been time well-spent.

Then again, what a fucking Luddite.

eyetie said...

After 10 years of being online, I can say it's been the best time ever. I've discovered bands that I never knew existed, been to gigs I only heard of through online chatter and band websites and seen the videos of my favourite bands (old and new) without having to stay glued to MTV and/or nick someone's Tardis.

Anonymous said...

Props to James for the Abe Simpson reference.

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