Thursday, July 12, 2007

"Dead fat guy in a bath" might have been "dead fat guy in a toilet cubicle"

In a surprising and somewhat late development in the death of Jim Morrison, a former vice-president of Eurodisney has remembered that, actually, Jim Morrison died in his nightclub. Sam Bernett has written a book about it. Now, 35 years on:

In a new book Sam Bernett claims Morrison died in a toilet cubicle in his Paris club in 1971 after what he believed was a heroin overdose.

Two drug dealers then took Morrison's body back to his apartment and dropped it in his bath in an unsuccessful bid to revive him, according to Mr Bernett.

In his book The End: Jim Morrison, Bernett says he asked a doctor to examine the 27-year-old singer in the toilet of his Rock and Roll Circus nightclub on 3 July 1971.

He writes: "When we found him dead, he had a little foam on his nose, and some blood too, and the doctor said, 'That must be an overdose of heroin.'"

Right: so a doctor comes into contact with an illustrious corpse in a Paris nightclub, wipes the heroin bubbling out the end of his nose off, pronounces him dead and then wanders off, leaving two drug dealers who are so unfamiliar with death to carry the corpse back home and try to pull a Lazarus by putting the body in water.

Of course, Morrison's girlfriend maintains that he ODed in the bath after a night out - which would seem an odd lie to tell to cover up for two drug dealers who apparently rolled the body of Jim through the streets of Paris.

Not to mention how nobody would have seen the somewhat hefty corpse of Morrison being shunted about hither-and-dither, nor why a nightclub owner would have chosen to give the dead Morrison into the custody of two drug dealers. Nor, come to that, why the doctor who apparently saw the ODed pop star never reported that to the police, or even came forward during the inquest into his death. Nor how this unlikely story has kept hidden for thirty-five years. But we're sure all that will be explained in the book. Aliens, probably. Or something to do with Opus Dei.


karlt said...

Even as we speak, Brian Rix is being pencilled in to star as Morrison in the stage adaptation of the book.

Anonymous said...

What was that stuff on his nose?

Mike Wood

Anonymous said...

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From one dentist to another, chip a tooth.

Dr. Kevin Federline

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