Friday, July 20, 2007

I still like trucks, big trucks

Somewhat incongruously, the heavy rain has led the organisers of the Truck Festival in Oxfordshire this weekend to ask festival goers to turn up on foot this weekend:


2. If possible, take public transport. There are hourly buses from Oxford and Didcot. We are still working on an alternative car parking plan as the parking fields are likely to be very muddy or even underwater.

3. Get dropped off in the village and walk up.

4. We do not recommend that you bring camper vans as they are likely to get stuck in mud.

It's the "or even underwater" which really suggests they're not mucking about, isn't it?


Simon said...

It's only got even more underwater since then, so now it's been moved to 22nd-23rd September and I have a pair of shop fresh wellies I may never need.

ian said...

truck: off :)

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