Tuesday, July 03, 2007


So many bands are reforming that we're starting to wonder if, perhaps, some sort of paradox engine has been unplugged somewhere and time is running backwards.

Yes, we know: at this rate the music content of No Rock will be totally forced out by Friday, making space for 10th Doctor/Willow crossover fanfic slash, but really: is that any more unlikely than KajaGooGoo reforming?

Without Limahl, of course. We'd be happy to see Limahl back, but no: it's just the ones which were left after he was forced out, supposedly because they had trouble matching his lifestyle with their belief system. Which is like restoring a vintage car without the engine. And we speak as a man who has Islands in our LP collection (we won it in a competition).

Interesting they didn't reform under Kaja banner they were using - to general indifference - when they split.


Ade said...

Really, I'm totally with you on the 10th Doc/Willow thing, srsly. Do it. Rock music is passé.

sP said...

I asked a friend of mine how to promote my blog and he gave me a few links to check out and told me to see how they do it.

I can now honestly say that i don't think i've learnt a thing but i don't care as i've witnessed one of the greatest puns of 2007... KajaReNew.


CarsmileSteve said...

i for one welcome our new slash fic overlords...

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