Saturday, July 21, 2007

Madonna mafia movie mumblings

Also according to Newton's column this morning, Madonna is supposedly talking to Chris Paciello about buying the rights to his life story.

Madonna used to date Paciello, as Newton reminds us:

She was introduced to the tough guy, who looks as though he stepped straight from a Sopranos script, by her best pal INGRID CASARES and started a passionate two-year relationship.

It all fell apart after he was jailed for murder following a burglary in which a woman was shot dead by an accomplice.

Yes, that whole being a murderer thing - it really puts a wrinkle in your dating life, doesn't it?

Even Guy, supposedly, thinks this whole making-a-movie-about-an-actual-gangster (rather than Vinnie Jones pretending to be one) is a slightly stinky idea, and while Paciello might have served time for the murder of a woman, that he emerged from jail desperate to become some sort of celebrity gangster hardly speaks much of contrition.

And, frankly, if Madonna's attempting to convince the good people of Malawi she's the right person to raise David, how does making a film glorifying a thug fit in with the values she'll be teaching him?

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Mandonna is a ghetto skank

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