Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mills was assaulted - verdict

Brighton Magistrates have found Jay Kaycappa guilty of assaulting Heather Mills in a city underpass last July. The Evening Argus reports:

Father of three Kaycappa, of The Hurdles, Fareham, Hampshire, was also convicted of assaulting Ms Mills-McCartney's friend Mark Payne the following evening.

The freelance photographer shook his head in the dock after magistrates convicted him of both assault charges.

In other news that will bring a glow to Heather's cheeks, BBC One is planning to pad out its lighter schedules this summer by lobbing out the last series of Dancing With The Stars on Sunday afternoons. We hope that someone explains to Victoria Newton that it's not live, otherwise we'll be in for 'get Mucca out' headlines for the next few weeks.

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