Wednesday, July 18, 2007

P Diddy's competition: More suspect than a Liz Kershaw phone-in

P Diddy, it's safe bet, is unlikely to be called in to help the BBC with their quiz show problem. (Incidentally, what are they going to do about Smile this Sunday? It's all well and good "restoring the foundation", but at the cost of Nev's Pie-Jamas? Is that a price worth paying?)

Pro Hip-Hop raises it eyebrows at Diddy's claims of 10,000 entrants for his online video 'become my PA' contest:

When I first saw that video I checked the personal assistant YouTube submission group and it only had about 40-something videos posted. Here are the current stats according to YouTube:
Videos: 409 | Members: 590 | Discussions: 159

Which is reassuring - the thought that there were 10,000 people were so desperate to be Diddy's "24/7" slave might well have been more than hope could stand.