Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lily Allen does her bit

It's only a few days since Lily Allen called for the police to sort out teeange problems:

"They said give young people more of a stake in communities and give us more opportunities. The number of teenagers who will go off the rails is a problem for us all and instead of helping them only after they are in crisis, we need to stop them getting into trouble in the first place."

Of course, one of the many different factors which feeds into youth crime is poverty, and the gap between haves and have-nots. The elevation of expensive trainers, for example, into must-have items, and marketing's push of self-esteem through material possessions creates dissatisfaction, resentment and can, ultimately, lead to young people going off the rails.

So, while we wouldn't go as far as to suggest that Lily Allen's limited edition Nike Air Max trainer is going to lead to the breakdown of society, we do wonder if she thought she might do more good promoting something without an expensive logo instead of adding to the hast du was, bist du was society.

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