Thursday, July 19, 2007

Winehouse: Back in action

Well, Amy Winehouse has started turning up at gigs again, although - at least according to The Sun - not totally successfully:

after two songs Amy suddenly dashed off, leaving the crowd and her band bemused.

After she returned to the stage, everything went downhill fast.

She slapped herself in the face and hit her head repeatedly with the microphone.

She forgot the lyrics to her own songs and mumbled swear words in between them.

She even spat into the crowd, who had paid £33 each to watch her.

Then halfway through her last song, she just dropped the mic and walked off.

But you know what makes it worse for Victoria Newton?
All this on the day she was named favourite for this year’s Nationwide Mercury Prize.

How can she behave like this when a building society has said it likes her album? How? How?

Newton, god help us, has one of her "Newton's theories", although it's not actually a theory at all:
AMY is getting a reputation as the female PETE DOHERTY because of her wild behaviour and gig no-shows.

As great as it is to have a star with so much personality and excitement around them, it is starting to turn sad.

This is more an opinion than a theory, which would be an explanation of the behaviour. But do carry on, Victoria:
You can’t help wondering exactly what else is going on – besides drinking.

Well, yes. If you had a theory, that's exactly what you would be doing. And what Newton doesn't do:
Amy is entitled to do what she wants but when it comes to letting down fans who have paid good money to watch her perform, it’s simply not on.

On the other hand, you could argue it's like buying a cricket ticket on an overcast day - surely by now you know it's at the risk you might only see a few overs and a lot of men scrambling to get back in the pavilion?
You only have to look at BABYSHAMBLES’ dwindling ticket sales to see what can happen if fans get fed up with being messed around.

Aren't Babyshambles currently selling tickets for much larger venues?
Amy needs to sort herself out before she ends up wasting the phenomenal gift she has been blessed with.

It's not just the building society you're letting down, Amy, you're throwing God's sweet gifts back in his face.