Monday, August 13, 2007

Allen has note from her Dad. Sorry, doctor

Almost as if she feels that Amy Winehouse has spoiled it for the rest of them, Lily Allen has posted a photo of her holding up her doctor's note which has signed off her performing for her next run of festival bookings:

I've got sinusitis and strep throat ( i don't even know what that is ) and have been advised to take a couple of weeks off by a doctor in LA and a doctor here .Before anyone starts trying to accuse me of neglecting my fans I want to apologise and say how sorry I am , but I cant risk causing any permanent damage . I hope people can understand and arent too angry .

It's actually rather a brave move - or perhaps we mean foolish - to put a picture of the note, as you can make out most of her doctor's name and the Primary Care Trust he works under. Mind you, with the new NHS computer system nobody's records will have privacy any more, so maybe we shouldn't be too bothered.

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Claire said...

"I don't even know what that is".

Really now.

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