Monday, August 13, 2007

McClure waves fist at Borrell

John McClure, out of Reverend and The Makers, isn't impressed with Johnny Borrell.

John, honeycakes, nobody is impressed with Johnny Borrell. But do go on:

"He's a bell end, he doesn't mean anything he says.

"On one level I respect his self-confidence, in the way you might begrudgingly respect Hitler for building the autobahns. If it were matched up with a genuine talent and intelligence then fair enough, but he hasn't got either. He's just got a big gob."

We quite like Kirkby's House, but we wouldn't suggest that it was comparable with an Autobahn - more a pleasant B Road in need of some repair.

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Mike said...

Did you read the bit where he compares himself to Plato?

It's realy quite baffling.

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