Monday, August 13, 2007

Record companies only have themselves to blame

Even when she's not overdosing on, uh, exhaustion, Amy Winehouse is being talked about a lot. In the US, she's been nominated for MTV Video awards. It must be great for her label, Universal, who can only be shifting shedloads of copies of Frank in the US wiht all this publicity, right?

Erm... nope. They're thinking about seeing about getting a release for it in three months time.

Yep, November.

Unsurprisingly, what with the album having been around so long in the UK, black and grey market copies are swamping the US at the moment - figures suggest that 18,000 copies have been flogged in the US already.

Universal's response? Of course, they've rushed forward the American release, desperate to meet this huge demand for their product and capitalise on a... hang on, I'll read that again. Oh, no. They're trying to shore up the November release date by threatening to sue anyone selling grey market copies.

Apparently the music industry is in some sort of crisis, you know.

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