Tuesday, August 07, 2007

America tells Allen: 'No way in'

The ongoing problems some British acts are having getting into the US has claimed a fairly big name: Lily Allen has been turned back from US immigration.

Suggestions that she'd ticked the box on the Visa form about having been associated with the Nazi war crimes proved to be wrong; instead, it was the pending prosecution for kicking a photographer which led to the revoking of her visa, reports the Mirror:

Lily, who had flown in from Australia for the MTV video music awards launch in Las Vegas, was hauled into an interrogation room. After negotiations with her lawyers Lily, the daughter of film and TV star Keith Allen, was released five hours later.

Although she got off lightly compared with, say, Guardian journalist Elena Lappin, it's still a worry for team Lily - she's due to play another US tour next month; the worry is that that will now be scuppered.


James said...

"she's due to play another US tour next month"

Didn't she spend the duration of her last US tour blogging about how miserable she was? A bit like a showbiz version of a grumpy teenager writing gloomy diary entries in the corner of the caravan on the family holiday to Scarborough?

If, by kicking a person she didn't like, she got out of a tour she didn't want to do, that would've been ingenious if planned...

chartonjeremiah said...

I, too, think that Lily Allen has got herself out of an unwanted tour. The way in which she has done this means that she can blame the American authorities and, thus, still sell her records to American fans. The girl's a genius.

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