Wednesday, August 01, 2007

... And You Will Know Us By The Queues At A&E

A mysterious post on the ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead website suggests a somewhat dysfunctional show they're looking to put behind them:

I'm excited to be doing a show in the neighborhood, walking distance from my laboratory. Our last show in this area at North Six was an absolute disaster. I inadvertently hospitalized one spectator that evening, and nearly severed our already tenuous relationship with our publicity department. I hope that for those people who witnessed that show, we can somehow make it up to them with a less inebriated and physically hazardous performance on the 2nd of August. I'm hoping we'll be rehearsed enough to perform Naked Sun for the first time live.

We're not sure "we'll try not to put any of you in hospital this time" is the most encouraging way to promote a show...

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karlt said...

I've made a point of avoiding this band, purely on the basis of their name. Surely, I reasoned, only the most desperate, try-hard shower of shite would choose such a name. Having taken a look at their website, I'm assuming that the name is somehoe ironic?

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