Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Placebo samples

Although it's a lovely idea, we're not entirely convinced that this late in their career a "new listeners start here" ep for American Placebo latecomers is entirely worth the effort. The idea seems to be trying to capitalise on the Placebo slot on the package tour with Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday (and we're not sure we'd have bothered with that, either.)

The tracklisting:

Nancy Boy
Every You Every Me
Taste in Men
Bitter End
Pure Morning (live from Arras)
Infra-red (live from Nimes)
Running Up That Hill (live from Santiago)

The live tracks, of course, are previously unavailable on record, so if they don't tempt converted Taking Back Sundayites, there'll at least be some interest from the completists.

You can hear Infra Red for yourself, by the way.


karlt said...

Pity they couldn't find room for their version of "Daddy Cool". That's awesome, that is.

simon h b said...

They recorded it for one of their kids, you know

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