Monday, August 27, 2007

Go solo, Borrell, pleads the rest of Razorlight

Oh, sure, Andy Burrows' suggestion that Johnny Borrell consider a solo career sounds polite:

"I really wish he would do a solo record. He's got material coming out of his ears, that guy," Andy told the Daily Star. "He does not stop working. He writes on tour, he writes in his sleep, he writes all the bloody time. There's so much great stuff."

He added: "If Johnny did a solo album I'd like to drum on it. But, if not, I'd have absolutely no problem if he wanted to do a solo album - that would mean I could go on holiday for a while."

It does have the phrase "give us a rest" written all over it, doesn't it?


James said...

Arf! "He's got material coming out of his ears, that guy... There's so much great stuff" said the drummer. It was good of him to stop short of adding "Just look at 'America', our first and only number one single. That was one of his best song- Oh wait, I wrote that one, didn't I?"

David said...

Borrell. The most talentled musician since the bloke who penned the Birdie Song.

Poppy@Froth said...

It has the phrase, "Even the greatest artists have fallow periods" written all over it. Borrell, apparently no fallow period. So he's greater than Picasso, Mercury... Please. It's Bank Holiday, Johnny. Give us all a break. Just go out, get trolleyed, write nothing. Seriously. Write nothing.

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