Thursday, August 16, 2007

Josh Homme notes reality tv star is not musician

The only-mildly-diverting war of words between Josh Homme and Sharon Osbourne has burst into something approaching life again. Homme has elected to not get syphilis or die, as requested by Osbourne:

"I don't know what she is or what she's done. Has she ever made any music? No. I don't know why her name is Sharon. She ain't sharin' anything."

To be fair, Mr. Homme, you don't appear to Josh overmuch. Who knew that characters didn't tend to reflect words that sound a little like your name.

Presumably Sharon will return in about a week and a half with an equally witty comeback.

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Anonymous said...

sick piece on (Vice Magazine) about Queens of the Stone Age. Its qotsa singer josh homme and brody dalle from the distillers at a gun range. there is some music from their new album Era Vulgaris in the video.

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