Sunday, August 19, 2007

Klaxons hijacked by Priscillas

The revival of vinyl, what we keep reading about in the newspapers, is bringing with it the revival of one of the sweet joys of pop: the mispressing.

The Klaxons has discovered the b-side of It's Not Over Yet has, instead of a frankly pointless "unique etching" got a "mystery track" on it.

It turns out that it's actually the b-side of No Rock favourites The Priscilla's forthcoming Superstar single. Hopefully, that'll come complete with the proper b-side and not a "unique etching".

[Thanks to Donald Guff for the tip]


Anonymous said...

The Priscillas single is actually called "Superhero", not "Superstar". It does, of course, come with an actual song on the b-side rather than some pointless "etching'. And, hey, it's in the shops today (on Dirty Water Records) so I'll be buying mine this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I just got their single! They played at Proud in Camden last week and it's definitely the same b-side. It's brilliant!

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