Sunday, August 12, 2007

More Wilson tributes

Amongst those adding their memories of Tony Wilson are John Cooper Clarke:

"He gave me my first television gig, actually. On his Granada show. He came out to see The Buzzcocks, and I was third on the bill, and ended up getting chucked out of the venue for something or other, but he noticed me and said 'No, give him a chance'. It really gave me a leg up - in those days it was really hard to get on TV, and it tripled my audiences overnight."

.. and Tim Burgess:
"(Wilson) put out records by my favourite bands - Joy Division and New Order - which made me believe I could be in a band and put out records," Burgess said.

"I feel like I felt when Joe Strummer died. It's like losing a musical dad."


karlt said...

I've been away all weekend, and this is the first I've heard about Wilson's death. Totally gutted. You brought music that changed my life, and appalled and astonished me with your ability to piss vast quantities of (other people's) money up the wall. Cheers Tony H.

Lulu said...

I know you love 'im, Simes, but that isn't exactly the most eloquent eulogy from Le Burgess, is it? "'E did stuff, so I did stuff, an' now 'e's gone..." Bless though. Tim AND Tony. Bless both.

simon h b said...

There may have been better worded eulogies, admittedly, but I did like the "e was like a musical dad" - driving people to the gigs, making sure there was food in the studio, sometimes telling them off, signing deals which sucked all the money out of their accounts...

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