Friday, August 17, 2007

Reading lists

None of the pop papers have had a good time in the latest round of ABC circulation figures, with the best performers Uncut and Mojo being able to point to just mild circulation drops year-on-year.

Q still leads the pack, but it continues to lose readers: down to 130,179 now, and perhaps thinking that the decision to drop CD covermounts might have been a little hasty.

In the weeklies, both Kerrang and NME lost sales, but - as they declined at similar rates - K! remains the world's biggest selling rock-weekly, with 83,610 copies aginst 68,151. NME's circulation is starting to get dangerously close to that of largely obscure monthly Classic Rock.


Lulu said...

Crikey. When I was a student, NME sold 68 000 copies a week at my University alone.

When NME finally closes for good - and call me sceptical, but I'm not convinced that little boy editing it now is gunna save it - I wish I could say I'd be gutted. But I bought it this week, in the vain hope of some big, well-written article about Tony Wilson's awesome legacy. No. A few soundbites and an ok tribute by Paul Morley, who spent most of said article noting that he shouldn't really be writing for NME. Other than that, the rest of the pamphlet contained adverts and two or three derivative bands claiming to be the future of rock'n'roll. So. NME's pretty much already gone as far as I'm concerned. Is that scary or what? Oh, but read the Stool Pigeon. That's really good:

zigmund said...

NME is down because people like Amy Winehouse steal copies of it.

simon h b said...

I was surprised they splashed Tony so heavily, what with him not having worked with The twang or anything

M.C. Glammer said...

I was never really a NME reader. It's nice to know I'll probably outlive it. If only it had died yesterday, discredited and bloated on a toilet.

James said...

Meh. Melody Maker was loads better. Few things in life will ever be as pant-endangeringly laugh-out-loud funny as Mr Agreeable.

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