Thursday, August 02, 2007

The road to Glossop

Alex Turner can't stand Sit Down by James:

"I can't listen to Sit Down, it makes me feel sick. That's not because it's a bad song, it's just bad memories. It reminds me of things I don't want to remember. Nothing bad, just a long journey to Glossop. I can't even listen to it now."

A trip to Glossop? Most of us, Alex, have to struggle with memories of rooms full of drunken students attempting to sit down on the dancefloor - and then failing to get up, like a hooded-topped Its A Knockout - when we hear that song. Don't try and tell us you've got problems, pal.


Anonymous said...

I've had too many bad trips to Glossop as well so I know exactly how he feels. Sometimes you just want to plummet from the top of the Snake Pass rather then see the place. Yes, it really is that bad.

Middle Man said...

I know exactly what you mean:

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