Thursday, August 02, 2007

Some people find David Gest a bit creepy

Don't you wish that it was you and not Amy Winehouse was the object of his affections:

"I love that beehive she wears, I love her tattoos, I'd lick her toes.

"I'm in love with Amy, I'd like to lick the inside of her hair - I'd probably find KFC stuck in it. I'd even lick the gap in her teeth. Ever yone knows I've got a good tongue!"

You might have a good tongue, David, but it's a pity it keeps flapping about making noises like that which, clearly, hadn't been signed off by your brain.

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James said...

ITV must be kicking themselves for dropping this talent. What better way to fill the gap left by Parkinson than with a new series of 'David Gest Scares The Shit Out Of...'?

"This week, David Gest Scares The Shit Out Of Kelly Osbourne and Emma Watson. Plus music (and a mental note to increase security) from Katie Melua".

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