Friday, August 31, 2007

Stuart Murdoch wants you

Belle and Sebastain are getting into musical theatre. Or, rather, they're making a film musical.

The plan is to write a few new songs, but the storyline will be punctuated by Belle & Sebby's back catalogue. You know, like Queen's We Will Rock You.

Only without Ben Elton's involvement, as far as we can tell.

Stuart Murdoch fills in some of the storyline:

Stuart said: "It happened to a boy and a girl and a girl, in a city roughly the same size and population of Glasgow. Perhaps the canals were a bit grimier, the high-rise buildings taller.

The streets emptier when you needed them to be, and the beat clubs busier than the ones around here. But on the whole the city was this one."

The romantic protagonists live next door to each other in - inevitably - neighbouring bedsits:
"The boy was kind of flexible as nobody had shown much interest in him for awhile. So he went along, prepared to teach girl two all he knew about the steel-strung acoustic guitar that he cradled.

"Girl two wanted to learn, but more than that she wanted to sing to somebody, and tell somebody about what was happening. So she attached herself to girl one and the boy."

Murdoch is hoping to find someone to play one of the girls; everything else has been cast.

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