Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Victoria Newton tries a new acronym

Oh good lord. The Arctic Monkeys have decided they'd like to take their girlfriends off on tour of America, which is apparently enough to try and generate a class of musical hangers-on:

Scouse Katie [Downes, Jamie Cook's girlfriend] told me: “There is a big gang of us from Liverpool going over.

“We are like the WAGS of the band — but we get on well.

“I can’t wait to see Jamie, it feels like I don’t see him for ages when he’s away on tour.”

It would seem that way, Katie, because, erm, he's away for ages.

It's bad enough that soccer has generated this fascination with people who seem to have given up their own identity to be part of a circus of hangers-on; the last thing we need is for that to be shifted to music as well.

So, is Newton cracking down on it? Or encouraging it?

What do you think?
I’m now calling the girls the BAGS — Bands’ Attractive Girlfriends.

You do realise that actually made it into the final article, Victoria. Bags? Really?

If the Arctic Monkeys don't want to go the way of Noel Gallagher, they might want to suggest to their girlfriends they're better off remaining individuals rather than being subsumed into a meaningless Stepfordesque group.


zig said...

How many times do you think she'll shoehorn BAGs into any music related article by Friday?

My guess - 34.

Anonymous said...

ah, groupies.

On the other hand, who actually uses the word "WAGS" in normal conversation? I can't imagine it ever coming up without that person being left alone to think about what they've done.

Lulu said...

I think it's a fantastic move forward for girls in music! I mean, we still haven't figured out which way up a guitar goes, so even if we DO write a couple of lyrics that one of the band quite likes and decides to generously give us writing credits for, we still wouldn't know the FIRST THING about actually being in a band ourselves; at least this way, we can forge our own careers by writing books of makeup tips to keep you looking good while staying up till midnight in hotel rooms across Europe! Some of us might even come up with new ways of wearing wellies with hotpants at festivals! Brilliant! And look, Marianne Faithfull started out as a rockstar girlfriend, and SHE turned into one of the most important musical influences Britain has ever had. So don't knock the BAGS till you've seen what we can do, yeah?

M.C. Glammer said...

Surely you're not suggesting a rock chick's place is in the home?

Of course girlfriends and groups don't mix, but fair play to them fro trying to break the mould, futile as it is.

I suspect the Arctics will know when to call it a day without the need for a Yoko.

James said...

Zig - I suspect you'll be right. Care to guess how many of those shoe-hornings will be written as " - dubbed BAGs, or Bands’ Attractive Girlfriends", to remind us what on earth she's talking about when her term fails to catch on? (See also: "Dubbed Mucca, after her porn past")

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