Wednesday, August 15, 2007

McCartney on the South Bank

Luckily, the plans to turn the London Eye into some sort of giant, rotating billboard to promote a Paul McCartney DVD seems to be a temporary idea rather than a bid to make a permanent memorial, but oh my, it's set the 3AM Girls a-giggling:

Because we can exclusively reveal that the London Eye could be renamed the McCartney Eye.

No, wheelly!

We reckon tourists would flock to see Macca's 65-year-old eye projected on to the wheel - as it will probably be the only time the London Eye will have bags under it. (Only joshing Macca!)

Yes. Almost joshing.
Our source added: "If it goes ahead, it will be a massive boost for Macca to be associated with one of the most well-known attractions in London. "It's ambitious but his people are determined to make it happen and Sir Paul may even perform a one-off show in one of the pods to make it even more special."

Well, he was no stranger to getting high when he was a Beatle. At least this time it'll all be legal.

Enough! Enough! Our sides can stand only so much.

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