Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Winehouse: Families at war

Following on from yesterday's attempts by the Fielder-Civil family to place the blame for Blake and Amy's co-dependent downward spiral on Amy, people who buy her records and her record label, today, Mitch Winehouse has just been on BBC Breakfast rejecting this. His message was that Blake and Amy have only themselves to blame. While being more accurate, still isn't quite true: record labels, like any employers, have some duty of care to the people who work for them, surely?


duckie said...

Have to disagree with you here Simon. Yer standard recording contract does not make you an employee of the company (despite what Prince may think), any more than a book publisher employs a writer. Both merely have agreements to provide and release material. And if Amy's record company were to refuse to release any more of her material pending a reduction in her intake of stimulants, then they would be in breach of their own contract and she could legitimately sue and take her services elsewhere. With the rate that Winehole records are selling this year how likely is that to occur?

simon h b said...

Mmm, fair point - and I certainly don't think that her label whould withdraw her records until after a period of mourning.

Contractually, you're right, but in the same way that a label would take action if, say, a member of a boyband was found in bed with a ten year-old - to protect its investment if nothing else, you'd hope that a label might try and provide some sort of guidance to its...

hang about: record label staff trying to persuade ver kids not to take drucks. What am I thinking?

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