Thursday, September 06, 2007

Babyshambles apparently communicate by lawyer

Drew McConnell is encouraged by the news that Doherty is "in rehab":

"I was overjoyed at the news. I think what Pete needs is a bit of rest someplace where he's on lemonade.

"Not wearing pyjamas with arrows on them and receiving packages surreptitiously sneaked under the door."

"The last time I saw him we'd just headlined a small tent in Weston Park and we were all in soaring spirits. I haven't seem him since. I hear from my manager and lawyer that he's doing swimmingly."

We'll bet that McConnell is relieved that - on current reports - that lucrative arena tour is looking quite plausible, but isn't it a little odd that he hears about the condition of his supposed mucker via his legal team?

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