Thursday, September 06, 2007

I've waited all my life to date... [name to be inserted later]

You've got to love VH1. They're shooting one of those shows that makes Celebrity Love Island look like the Open University, and have put out a casting call:

So here is the information I have so far for the show: I am casting for VH1/51 Minds Entertainment, the producers of 'The Surreal Life', 'Flavor of Love', 'I Love New York' and 'Rock of Love'.

"I will be in New York and surrounding areas, (Long Island, New Jersey) from September 4 - 12, 2007, looking for SINGLE WOMEN, 21+, with big personalities for this VH1 ROCK N' ROLL RELATIONSHIP SHOW, where 20 girls will compete for the chance to date the rock star of their dreams.

Blimey... the rock star of their dreams, eh? Who would that be, then?
(the rock star has not been announced yet, but I would think someone that makes the girls wild and girls would do anything just to meet this guy, a Tommy Lee type of rocker).

Ah. So, they're looking for people whose dreams revolve around meeting any rockstar who happens to be available, and unencumbered by any sense of dignity. We'd recommend having an "I [heart]" tattoo, with space to scrawl in later the name of whoever the researchers can persuade up.


James said...

What's American for 'Donny Tourette'?

duckie said...

Further down the piece this loveable arse says "Most of the girls would be Caucasian". Because my audience demographic says it wants to see white people, but I have to have one or two token black/Chinese so we can claim to be equal ops. What a wonderful world telly is.

Lulu said...

" the rockstar of their dreams," eh? Let's hope the rockstar of said lady's dreams isn't Kurt Cobain or Jim Morrison then, or this show is gunna be seriously messy.

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